Gib Patterson – 3D Modeling, Texturing and Lighting

I am a freelance 3D artist focusing on modeling and texturing using Maya. I am also comfortable and familiar with lighting, rigging, animation and rendering set up and organization. I am familiar with Photoshop, Nuke, Z Brush, Real Flow, and PF Track and AutoCAD. I have extensive experience working with 3d printers and preparing models for the printing process. I’ve worked with both the Replicator by Makerbot, a PLA printer, and the Form 1 which is a liquid, light activated, resin printer. My background is in theatrical set design for which I earned a bachelors degree (2005) at SUNY Purchase in the Design/Tech conservatory. I then shifted my focus to computer arts and earned the masters degree (2011) at SVA. My interests are still focused on the scenic and architectural aspects of design but all forms of computer animation remain a passion and a fascination.